Welcome to the Kelce Family in Cleveland Heights
Tonight's Jason's big night; a good showing could lead to a starting shot during the regular season.  He has a short one-on-one interview here:

Check this out:

"This is not about glamour. And some may not even notice. But the Eagles are making an extraordinary move with an unlikely player at a critical position against Cleveland ..."

Adam Caplan is an NFL analyst on Fox Sports, Scout.com, one of the hosts of the NFL channel on Sirrius radio and a Fantasy football advisor.  Listen to what he says in the first few minutes of this interview:

This is getting crazy.


2 new articles about Jason:
Eagles Notebook: Big week for Eagles' rookie center Kelce

Read more: http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/20110822_Eagles_Notebook__Big_week_for_Eagles__rookie_center_Kelce.html

I've included a snippet of another article here:
From: The Bird's Eye View
The Inquirer's Eagles Blog
Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Who Makes the Cut: OL
Posted by Jeff McLane @ 11:12 AM
"...........Locks: Jason Peters is your starting left tackle. Live with it. Todd Herremans is the left guard unless Andy Reid and company decide that myriad number of (not very attractive) options at right tackle don’t make them queasy. Then Herremans could slide outside, although the Eagles hope to avoid such a move. Top draft pick Danny Watkins is still penciled in as the starting right guard, although he’s a project. Jason Kelce has eked out ahead of stalwart Jamaal Jackson for the starting center spot. Whether he wins or not – and it says here he does – the sixth-round rookie isn’t going anywhere."

Read more: http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/inq-eagles/Who-Makes-the-Cut-OL.html

This Thursday will be historic in the fact that I've never rooted against the Browns before.  I hope they can get over it.

Yesterday was an off day for the players and today they have a mock game in preparation for tomorrows exhibition game.  The mock game is closed to the public.
There have been 2 new articles to appear.  The first one at http://phillysportsdaily.com/eagles/2011/08/10/jason-kelce-becoming-an-animal-on-offensive-line/ is mostly a rehash of what others have written already.  However, the second article at http://www.csnphilly.com/08/09/11/Eagles-rookie-Kelce-pushing-hard-for-sta/news_eagles.html?blockID=546946&feedID=692 is a bit different from the other stuff that has been written.

"Rookie Jason Kelce Is Challenging Jamaal Jackson For The Center Job"


There have been a couple of articles about Jason in Philly papers the last few days.  You can access them here:




Screenshot pics of Jason from the Eagles training camp at Lehigh University, courtesy of Uncle Donny.

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Staying at the Pullman Inn in Huntington  -  $119
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Your Mother Putting her MoJo on the Marshall Mascot:



These were taken at the Higher Ground training camp in August, 08      
Hawaii Game Pics

Orange Bowl Pics